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Hummus topped with whole chickpeas and olive oil

Darya grill Restaurant serve the earliest known recipes for a dish similar to hummus bi tahina are recorded in cookbooks written in Cairo in the 13th century. Hummus has been connected to the Ayyubid Sultan, Saladin, and according to some food historians he first prepared it. A cold purée of chickpeas with vinegar and pickled lemons with herbs, spices, and oil, but no tahini or garlic, appears in the Kanz al-Fawa’id fi Tanwi’ al-Mawa’id; and a purée of chickpeas and tahini called hummus kasa appears in the Kitab Wasf al-Atima al-Mutada: it is based on puréed chickpeas and tahini, and acidulated with vinegar (though not lemon), but it also contains many spices, herbs, and nuts, and no garlic. It is also served by rolling it out and letting it sit overnight, which presumably gives it a very different texture from hummus bi tahina. Indeed, its basic ingredients—chickpeassesamelemon, and garlic—have been eaten in the region for millennia. Though chickpeas were widely eaten in the region, and they were often cooked in stews and other hot dishes, puréed chickpeas eaten cold with tahini do not appear before the Abbasid period in Egypt and the Levant. +1 619-328-0058 Catering Santee

Hummus | Catering Santee

Hummus | Catering Santee

 United States

In 2006, hummus was present in 12 percent of American households, rising to 17 percent by early 2009. One commentator attributed the growth of hummus to America’s embrace of ethnic and exotic foods.

In 2008, more than 15 million Americans consumed hummus on a regular basis, becoming a popular staple in American restaurants with the Armenian migration from Lebanon to Southern California and the East Coast after the Lebanese Civil War (1975–1990). It was further popularized in the United States by Jews returning from visits in Israel and by Israeli expatriates. +1 619-328-0058 Catering Santee

World record

In May 2010, the Guinness World Record for the largest dish of hummus in the world returned to Lebanon. The winning dish, cooked by 300 cooks in the village of al-Fanar, near Beirut, weighed approximately 10450 kg (roughly 23000 lb), more than double the previous record set by 50 Israeli Arabs and Jews who cooked approximately 4100 kg (roughly 9000 lb) in January 2010 in the Arab-Israeli village of Abu Ghosh. According to local media, the recipe included eight tons of boiled chick peas, two tons of tahini, two tons of lemon juice and 70 kg (154 lb) of olive oil. +1 619-328-0058 Catering Santee


In 2015, Israeli filmmaker Oren Rosenfeld reported that Guinness World Record officials had refused to send a judge to Israel for his attempt to break the record, citing safety concerns, despite their having recently sent judges to other Middle Eastern countries. Fifteen tons of hummus would have been produced and shared as part of publicity for Rosenfeld’s new film, Hummus the Movie.

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