Barg Kabob

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Marinated thin sliced beef fillet with onion and spices served with rice, salad and grill tomato and yogurt sauce

Kabāb-e Barg (Persian: Kabāb-e-Barg‎ meaning Lamb Fillet Kebab) is a Persian style barbecued lamb, chicken or beef kebab dish. The main ingredients of Kabab-e Barg are fillets of beef tenderloin, lamb shank, onions and olive oil.

Barg Kabob Darya Grill Restaurant

Barg Kabob Darya Grill Restaurant +1 619-328-0058  Persian Restaurant Santee

Preparation The meat is cut in strips and given a marinade in olive oil, onions, garlic, saffron, salt and black pepper. It is then skewered and grilled. Tomatoes are grilled on separate skewers. It is usually served with rice or bread, sometimes seasoned with sumac. Soltani At Persian restaurants, the combination of one Kabab Barg and one Kabab Koobideh is typically called soltānī, meaning “sultan’s (meal)”. +1 619-328-0058 Persian Restaurant Santee
​In the United States, barg kabob is becoming more popular, especially in cities with middle eastern  immigrant communities, such as New York, Chicago, Detroit, Omaha, Seattle, San Diego, and Los Angeles. In contrast, gyros, Considered Greek food, are popular across the U.S., and frequently are found as street carts or mobile stands as fair food as well as at Greek-and Italian-style pizza and sandwich shops like Darya Grill Restaurant  that have all of Persian food like a Persian Restaurant in Santee.